A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made during the Global Game Jam of 2019. In the Netherlands, Groningen Game Jam Site. We won the Best Visuals award. The actual gameplay is lacking.


It's a stormy rainy night, you're inside your cozy home reading some comics. Unfortunately, your pet doesn't share that idea, instead, he decides to go out into the stormy night for a nice walk.

After some reading you discover your pet is gone, so you decide to go outside, into the storm and find your pet and bring him back home!

Controls & Mechanics

W A S D - Move

Move under the lights to regain sanity.



PetscapeFromHome_v1.1.1_x86_64.rar 60 MB


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Oh didn't expect someone to make a video. Much appreciated!

Looking at you play reminded me about the fact I forgot to explain how some of the mechanics work...

Thanks for showing interest :)

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ok ..i have good idea game